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The Consular jurisdiction of Consulate General of India, Birgunj covers the districts of Parsa, Bara, Rautahat, Sarlahi, Mahottari, Dhanusha, Chitwan and Makwanpur. Accordingly, consular and passport services are provided to the residents of these 8 districts only. Visa Services are not provided by the Consulate. Persons residing in other districts of Nepal as well as those requiring visa should approach Embassy of India in Kathmandu

The working hours for receipt of applications and attending to enquiries about consular services are 0930 – 1230 Hrs. from Monday to Friday. (The Consulate remains closed on Saturdays, Sundays and other official holidays). Details of documents required and fee payable for consular and passport services are given in the Sub Headings below.  With effect from 1 April 2023 an additional service charge NRs. 270/- is levied from the applicants for each consular service.  

In case of any further enquiry, please contact passport counter in the Consulate during working hours (0930-1230 hrs) or phone at 051-532244/64.

NOTE: Application for the following services are to be made on plain paper giving full address and contact details of the applicant and duly signed by him/her. Please bring the original documents, as applicable, for verification by the Consulate. The fee for each service has been indicated below. In addition to the prescribed fee, a sum of NRs. 240/- is levied from applicants as service charge.


I.  Attestation of Documents (Including Educational Degrees) / Power of Attorney
1) One recent passport sized photograph.
2) Recommendation Letter issued by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Nepal or certified by a licensed Notary of Nepal for attestation or Power of Attorney for the Nepali Nationals.
3) If attestation is for the Indian National, proof of individual being an Indian national is also required.
4) Attestation of Documents - New Tariff NRs. 1340 /- (For each document) 
5) Power of Attorney - Tariff NRs. 1610/-

II.  Police Clearance Certificate for Indian nationals and Nepali Nationals.
11) Two recent passport size photographs
2) Photocopy of Indian Embassy/Consulate Registration Certificate.
3) Copy of Passport.
4) Fees: NRs. 2950/-

III.  Identity Certificate/Card for travel by air between Nepal & India*
1) Two recent passport sized photograph.
2) Proof of being an Indian National like photocopy of Passport/Voter card/Domicile certificate/ Residential certificate, Identity card issued by State or Central governments.
3) Indian Nationals who hold PAN Card or Driving License issued by Indian authorities can also be issued Identity Certificate if he/she bring one Indian National as a guarantor and attaches his/her document like Indian Embassy Registration Certificate/ passport.
4) Fees: NRs. 6960/-

This ID is for use by those Indian nationals who do not hold valid passport, Voter ID, Government photo ID and School ID issued by Principal for children between 10-18 years. Children below 10 years do not require any IDs to travel by air between India and Nepal.

IV. Registration of Indian Nationals :- (For those Indian Nationals who are resident in Nepal)
1) Application in prescribed form (download here)
2) Two recent passport sized photographs
3) Any two of the following documents (one each from 'a' and 'b' as proof of being an Indian Nationals
a.) Passport
    Voter Card
b.)Domicile/Residential Certificate (with photograph)
   Caste Certificate. (with photograph)
    Passbook of an Indian nationalized bank with photograph
4) Proof of Occupation/Residence in Nepal.
Occupation : Certificate in company letterhead stating that the individual has been working in the firm and mentioning the period of employment.
Residence : Certificate from the house owner (signed with undertaking) that the Indian National has been living in his/her house. Also a photocopy of owner's citizenship certificate or other document regarding ownership of property is also required.
5) Fees: No charge for first time.

V.  Duplicate Registration (in lieu of lost/damaged registration)
1)Two recent passport sized photographs.
2) *Details of the earlier registration.
3) Copy of FIR lodged at the local police station

* The applicant is required to furnish details of the earlier Registration certificate as far as possible. If he/she does not know the earlier Registration number, a certificate with new number will be issued.

4) Fees : NRs. 2950/-

VI.  Birth Registration : Birth Registration is done in respect of those children (having either or both parents as Indian National) who are born in Nepal.
1) Two recent passport sized photographs
2) Birth Certificate issued by local hospital authorities.
3) Registration/proof of the parents being Indian Nationals.
4) Fees :  NRs. 2950/-

VII.   Death Registration
1) Proof of deceased being an Indian National.
2) Certificate issued by the hospital authorities if the person died in the hospital. If, the death is unnatural, a certificate issued by the local police authorities is mandatory.
3) Papers related to cremation (if cremation has taken place in Nepal).
4) Fees:  NIL

VIII  Marriage Registration
1) Two recent passport sized photographs.
2) Copy of notice to be published in the National Dailies, one in Nepal and one in India at the place of domicile of the applicant stating that application has been made for registration of marriage at the Consulate.
3) Proof of nationality of bride and groom. One of them should be an Indian national.
4) Three witnesses (one Nepali & two Indian or vice versa), who have to submit papers pertaining to their nationalities and have to come in person to sign the witness papers.
5) Photograph of their marriage and marriage invitation card.
6) The marriage is registered after one month of submission of applicant.
7) Fees : NRs. 6960/-


The individual cannot apply for the registration of marriage unless and until he has given notices in the National daily of India and Nepal. One month's mandatory waiting period from the day of submission of application is observed.

IX  Renunciation of Indian Citizenship

Applicants are required to fill online form through www.indiancitizenshiponline,  print the application form, upload requisite documents and bring application form to the Embassy along with 2 photographs, passport, address proof and fee of NRs 23,680/-.


In addition to above prescribed fee mentioned above, a sum of NPRS. 270/- is charged from applicants for Indian Community Welfare Fund (ICWF). 

For applicants above 15 years of age:

  1. Photocopy of Indian Embassy Registration Certificate,

  2. Photocopy of Passport.

  3. Fees: NRs 10,030/- for 36 pages passport and NRs 13,650/- for 60 pages passport.

For applicants below 15 years:

  • Photocopy of Indian Embassy Registration Certificate of self and parents,

  • Photo copy of Passport of self  

  • Fees: NRs 6,960/-


  • Application requesting for reissue of Passport due to lose or damaged passport.

  • Photocopy of Indian Embassy Registration Certificate,

  • Details or Photocopy of Passport, if available,

  • In case of loss of passport

    • FIR from Police.

    • Notice issued in two national dailies in English and Vernacular press.

  • Fees: NRs 20,340/- (For a booklet containing 36 pages) and NRs.23,680/- (For a booklet containing 60 pages)


  • Newspaper article in original announcing change of name.

Article should be published in two leading daily newspaper 
local daily from the area of the applicant’s permanent address in India. 
local daily of his present address or nearby area in Nepal.

  • Two additional supporting public documents.

  • Photocopy of Indian Embassy Registration Certificate,

  • Photocopy of Passport.

  • Fees: same as new passport 


  • Photocopy of Indian Embassy Registration Certificate.

  • Photocopy of Passport of spouse.

  • Copy of marriage certificate issued by concerned Registrar of Marriage.

  • Fees: same as that of new passport


  • Photocopy of Indian Embassy Registration Certificate,

  • Proof of change of address

  • Photocopy of Passport.

  • Fees: same as that of new passport


  • Order from the First class Magistrate from applicant’s area of residence in India for change of DOB / POB

  • In case, applicant has applied for both i.e. date and place of birth, an application is also required giving sufficient explanation as to why applicant had submitted wrong information earlier

  • Photocopy of Indian Embassy Registration Certificate

  • Photocopy of Passport.

  • Fees: same as that of new passport